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Marrakech Airport Transfer: Excellent transfer from Casablanca Airport to Marrakech.




Casablanca Airport Taxi

 Casablanca Airport Taxi:
Located at 30km (45min) from the city center, Mohamed V International Airport is the largest airport in Morocco.The airport is linked to Casablanca by the double highway.
Getting to the city center from the airport, thers is many transportation mode : by train (available between 6h30am and 10h30pm), Taxi of city (fixed price about 250dh to Casablanca City center) And VTC (touristic transport), which require a prior booking (the price is generaly between 250dh and 350dh)
Navette Casablanca is a VTC that offer a private door to door service at 300Dh/28€ (for 3persons) and 380dh/35€ for 4 to 5 persons. With online booking ( and interactive customer service.